London Gigs, Parties & Berlin by Team Plastique

Well, the party continues... we found ourselves floating in out and around London... making our way from the Ghetto in Soho, to Family in the area of Liverpool street. Being from Berlin we were completely stoked that people put us on the guestlist, and that we got to cue jump too.... because we can be pretty impatient and stingey. Family was a surprise, as not only did Kelly Osbourne play, the club closed at 3am. We found that really strange, as in Berlin most clubs stay open all night, and some stay open for four days at a time.

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Making a mess Mating Dance Men need bigger hair, and women need bigger... Mum n Dad n Kirsty @ Family London Pineapple anyone
Making a mess.jpg         Mating Dance.jpg         Men need bigger hair, and women need bigger....jpg         Mum n Dad n Kirsty @ Family London.jpg         Pineapple anyone.jpg        
Plastique @ Borderline Tasty Team Plastique Team Plastique Audience view @ Borderline Team Plastique Backstage @ Borderline
Plastique @ Borderline.jpg         Tasty.jpg         Team Plastique.jpg         Team Plastique Audience view @ Borderline.jpg         Team Plastique Backstage @ Borderline.jpg        
Team Plastique Underground Party Team Plastique onstage at Borderline Team Plastique serves the audience Team Plastique side on @ Borderline The Audreys
Team Plastique Underground Party.jpg         Team Plastique onstage at Borderline.jpg         Team Plastique serves the audience.jpg         Team Plastique side on @ Borderline.jpg         The Audreys.jpg