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Team Plastique shoppe....

ye olde shoppe will be up really really soon.It will contain item for sale such as T-shirts, CDs, Stickers and other things.

Buy CD Here!!!

Click the picture above... to buy this CD online....

And we are selling the above t-shirts... at live gigs !! Sexxxy

This Is The Shit = T.I.T.S out now distribution coming asap.

*** The Team Plastique Shirt on sale now is a designer item, it is designed and hand made in Australia, and there is only a limited number for sale of this particular design.

Your CD should be available from chain stores - JB HiFi and HMV and Big Star in Adelaide can order it in too.

You can purchase the t-shirt in person.... at Team Plastique performances or to order one

At the moment you can buy the "Team Plastique Suck" CD via the web from MGM try this link


The Team Plastique Suck CD is priced at only $10 Australian, which is next to nothing compared to any foreign currency, so if you are a foreigner, you should buy a couple to give your friends at home and tell them that it is an Australian collectors item that was really, really expensive.

Also check out the wicked Team Plastique designer shirts.... at the moment they are only for sale at gigs. There are two different styles..... On with stars in front and Team Plastique Suck on the back. And the other with just Team Plastique Suck on the front. Each shirt is hand made and the print (although this picture doesn't really show it), is nearly fluro Pink.

The shirts can be bought over the web, but you must write to us directly. They are in limited supply and a price will be negotiated when contacted.

For those people who wouldn't be seen dead wearing team plastique t-shirts or buying team plastique CDs. Let me guess that you wouldn't want to be seen dead hosting a game show or driving a porche 911 or anything too challenging for a corpse.

If you have a pulse you have a choice, if you are not naked, you may as well tell the world about something.... wear it on you chest....not on your sleeve.


Sizes 1 (pretty small) to 5 (extra large)