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Team Plastique - an ultra explosion of eye-make-up and gaff tape. The ultimate girl band line-up where all you need is 1 boy to play the music and 3 girls to play each other. But is there more to the story????

So the Xmas season is over, and the Easter season has yet to begin... or has it??? Anyways, are you stuck for a present? Do you only want to spend in the area of 10 Bucks Australian??? Then check out the Team Plastique Shoppe.... it has our Team Plastique "Suck" CD blurb, and details on how to get your hands onto it.

Team Plastique Recipies will be here soon.

Video killed the radio star and AIDS killed the 80s. Afraid of sex, people dressed like boxes and embarked on a 15 year crusade to repent their mortal sins. This anti-sexual revolution climaxed with power suits and then grunge. What now? In a generation that worships retro, Team Plastique seeks to continue on from where 1984 abruptly left off. Ours is no token rehash. Ours is about capturing the je nais cest pas of a decade that posed as posers. We may be pretentious but fuck were having fun. Its plastique.


> What's Hot or Not

We'll have more info ASAP but MissDish can't think of anything, so all of you folks can get totally pissed off by looking at this page and not having anything new here. I really gets my chicken kebab, or kebap (for those of you in Germany). New photos shall be attached very very soon (or wery, wery soon for you Germans). Love Axel Danke Schoen, the editor but not the origional creator of the website.


So like, we are totally hanging out, over the top and tucked in the middle, like a good old Gold Coast Golden Girl, and if that doesn't make sense, then why are you still thinking about it?

Thursday June 12 Team Plastique supports Endorphin at The Zoo. Other dazzling supports include Sharif and Superfluid.

Thursday June 26 Team Plastique supports Kid Kay Ferris at The Moon Bar as part of the Kid Kay CD launch "Colour Me Badd"

Saturday June 28 Team Plastique presents "Shopping" upstairs at The Shamrock Hotel, 168 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley 9pm till late.
Entry: $6 (4ZZZ subs)/ $8
Starring: Ki Ki Ill (formerly nAM sHUB of eNKI)
Team Plastique
Amandeep Dhillon

And more to be announced

Featuring: The Danoz Direct Dancers
Plastique Dating Service
Star Makeovers in the Glamour Vortex

Dress Code: California Mall Slut (Prizes for Best Costumes)

Renegade Rabbit see the photos of one of the more unusual musicals of our time.

See backstage photos from the resent Gerling filmshoot.




You were invited to the official launch of Smirk Underpants

- the world's first DIY Designer Label.
Front Space Judith Wright Centre
Saturday May 3
Gold Coin Entry


The World's Largest Pair of Underpants
Electrotrash (Faux DJ Sensations)
Axl F
Team Plastique in a very special performance
And introducing…. Psykat and the Skidmarkettes

If you want to see photos then go for it!!!


Check out this gig review:

Psykat Miss Dish

axel danke schoen


Legs Akimbo
The Divine Leg Kotze, Fotze and Ficker