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Below are some remixes that have been done for us... big up everyone !! Thanx !!

If you are interested in remixing Team Plastique.... check for details here !!


Just click the above link... then let your weirdness begin !!


Team Plastique - Truckin (LABAM TL REMIX) by teamplastiqueremixes

Team Plastique - Faux Foe (LABAM REWORK) by teamplastiqueremixes

Truckin- (Skin Is Static Mix) by teamplastiqueremixes

Virgins Do it Best (Nikolaj Tange Lange) by teamplastiqueremixes

Mercy BJ ARTHUR LABÉR REMIX by teamplastiqueremixes

Teamplastique - Virgin do it best Blondedurole RMX by teamplastiqueremixes

Team Plastique - Virgins do it best (Not that kind of Girl-Mix by FIEDLER!) by teamplastiqueremixes  

Mercy BJ LABAM RMX2 by teamplastiqueremixes

Team Plastique - Mercy BJ john callahan remix by teamplastiqueremixes

Is that dress legal RMX buskerdroid by teamplastiqueremixes

Mercy bj redit by bzo by teamplastiqueremixes

Plastique Mp3s

We have more music @

Please enjoy these psychedelic drops of ear candy from the Team. Remember to check back here regularly, as many more sounds *exclusive to Plastique Land* will be appearing here soon.

Team Plastique is always interested to here remixes made of their music by other artists. Feel free to contact us if you have made a remix...but please don't send the file, unless requested.

Below are some tracks that the Team had once played live, and or appears on their "Suck" CD. Now Gameshow Lights is the only track of the collection below that we still play live. Gameshow lights, Superstars and Song Rabbit are currently on the Team Plastique "Suck" EP, and also feature on a number of compilation CDs.

Feel free to download, save and burn, distribute non-profit on the web using file-sharing etc.... but without altering the copyright details.... give a copy to ya mum!


Gameshow Lights > 3:17> 3.01mb
**** This track is available on multiple compilation CDs on the Team Plastique "Suck" CD and is also offered here at 128k/bit sound quality
Superstars > 4:15> 3.9mb  **** This track is available on multiple compilation CDs on the Team Plastique "Suck" CDand is also offered here at 128k/bit sound quality (but isn't played live anymore, as Miss Dish has left the group)
Ciao Manhattan > 2:53 > .96mb
Love You Edie?


"Ciao Manhattan, smash you soda god, paper cuts and hole in your head breed enigma at the plastic top. Erase all earthbound fantasies Andy A-hole took them first..." The current version is only a demo and is likely to appear on the next release, completely modified.


Fromage et trios> 4:40> 3.20mb
This track is an oldy (circa 2001) but a goodie.... not played live anymore.... only available for download.
Song Rabbit > 3:38 > 2.73mb
Made especially for or gig at World DJ day 2002!
"Walking through the long grass, looking for my pet rabbit.... he's gone... he didn't eat his morning carrot". These are the lyrics to this track, this version appearing on the "Suck" EP. (Not Played Live anymore)

You can find the track Mecha Love and Fuck a DJ (live) with the Quicktime clip at this link.

Team Plastique Loops and Samples coming soon!!!